Septa - For Vial Caps

Vial Septa Guide

Septa thickness is measured in millimeters or inches (1 mm = 0.001 in.). Septa with starburst patterns or septa that are pre-slit allow easier needle penetration which can prevent needles bending or jamming on the autosampler arm.

Septa Selection Guide

Red Rubber
This is a polyisoprene formulation, similar to natural rubber in coring and re-seal characteristics.

Silicone Rubber
A silicone with excellent heat aging and compression set characteristics. Low extractables.

Gray Chlorobutyl - 45
A general purpose butyl rubber compound developed for pharmaceutical closure applications. 100% chlorobutyl compound with excellent oxygen and MVT characteristics. Low extractables. It is recommended for serum vial stoppers and various other products requiring a soft, clean butyl compound with good resealability.

Gray Chlorobutyl - 50
Similar to 45 but with different durometer. Developed primarily for lyophilization stoppers.

Black Chlorobutyl
Similar characteristics to gray chlorobutyl with a durometer of 55.

Gray Bromobutyl
General purpose bromobutyl formulation for packaging of parenteral solutions. Exhibits low extractables in broad pH range of 3.5 to 9.5. Excellent tolerance to water solutions containing alcohol and propylene glycol.

Excellent chemical resistance. Good resealing characteristics. Good for chlorinated solvents.

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